A healthy serving of Rubin

The End of The Rubin Blog

After much consideration, we have decided to end the Rubin Blog.

When we started the blog, it was a great way to keep family and friends updated on our family activities. Over the years with social networks and other photo sharing options the blog was mostly redundant. More importantly the effort (and cost) to keep it up and running, not to mention current, was not worth the perceived benefit. We also want to reign in some of our online presence to maintain a bit more control of our privacy.

Now we realize that there are a dedicated few that still use the blog to keep up with us and aren’t connected on various social networks. Worry not, you won’t be left in the dark. With all of that time saved by not maintaining a blog, we should be able to email updates more often and we’ll continue to share photos and videos of what we’ve been up to.

If you have an iOS device and want to be included in our family photo stream, send me an email and I’ll set it up for you. (Sorry, this offer only available to actual family members)